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Our Approach to Integration Consulting

Our Approach to Integration Consulting

Ermas delivers integration services using a project-by-project phased solution which focuses on process, data and technology. This approach enables us to integrate the business process, data, software and technology into a leading edge solution.

Ermas recognizes the importance of quality measurements to the success of data management and establishing the appropriate process controls. On staff are Six Sigma certified professionals, as well as statisticians who can work with your team to create quality controls for better data management. These quality controls will reduce the costs associated with poor data quality.

Process Data Technology
Process Data Technology

Through requirements analysis we learn the current operational processes and determine the most effective scope for the project.

Using our process development methodology, we then produce a plan for rapid execution. It is our ability to mobilize quickly with the right products, technical expertise, and implementation plan that makes Ermas a leading solutions provider.

Our expertise in database design using DB2/UDB, Oracle, Teradata, SQL Server and SAS, enables us to best utilize your investment in these technologies.

We design an infrastructure that organizes your data from disparate source systems and delivers to the users in the most effective format.

Once we have an understanding of your processes and data, we then use the appropriate technology — SAS, Microsoft, Premiere Global Services, IBM, Oracle, or other software — to provide an integrated solution. Information delivery is offered through multiple channels such as web-based thin clients, custom thick client applications, and Microsoft Office based solutions.

Enterprise Intelligence

Enterprise intelligence is the ability to spot trends, increase revenue, and reduce vulnerability. To achieve enterprise intelligence, data warehousing and analytics solutions play a key role in allowing companies to store data, locate it, access it for querying and reporting, and then analyze it to identify trends and opportunities. Marketing automation and risk management solutions enable clients to take advantage of those opportunities. Enterprise intelligence can make critical improvements to your bottom line, and Ermas' consultants are experienced in implementing and integrating systems that give our clients conclusive, detailed and consistent information quickly. more ...

Databases and Data Warehouses

Most companies have a myriad of databases that store data; however, disconnected databases with inconsistent data make it difficult to access the total information needed for good decisions. Databases are critical, but a data warehouse can effectively connect them. Data warehouses are specifically structured to bring data together enterprise-wide in a precise and consistent manner for querying and reporting. This means more accurate, consistent, and conclusive results.

Marketing Automation

Today's marketer needs the tools and technology to effectively optimize marketing investment in an increasingly complex environment. Multi-channel communications, consistent customer messaging, and compressed cycle times are just a few of the challenges faced by today's marketer. At Ermas, we bring leading solutions to marketers in the planning, execution and measurement phases of the campaign management process. We also help build a total marketing automation solution for each client based on industry solutions from Unica and SAS.

Campaign Management

Let our campaign management experience work for you. We have performed technical design and deployed SAS MA to support email marketing campaigns. We have integrated MA/MO and set up campaign use cases for financial (banking) campaigns, including reviews and enhancements for campaign data marts to support use cases. We have worked with SAS Research & Development on MA testing and supported performance and usability areas of Campaign Studio. We have provided MA technical and business process integration for direct mail and email marketing campaigns with Order Management System. We have also deployed SAS MA and assisted in the migration of campaigns from older versions of SAS MA to current versions.


Ermas has deployed SAS e-messaging solutions (Premiere Global Services) for email marketing and email delivery of banking deposit statements. While we typically use Oracle and SQL Server for OLTP, we have also extended its capabilities to integrate streaming statistics to other database environments like Teradata.


Analytics is the science of reasoning — of gaining insight and understanding from large, complex and disparate data. With databases and data warehouses setting the groundwork for quality information, leading companies are turning to solutions in Analytics to help them understand the information, recognize trends, reduce risks, and react instantly. Ermas can help your organization implement these solutions to transform raw data into vital enterprise intelligence.

Risk Management

With effective analytics and risk management solutions, companies have the power to determine, measure and track risks, meet regulatory compliance, identify changing conditions, redirect strategies, or avoid problems altogether. Effective risk management is increased profit.

The risk management discipline has become more technology intensive in order to manage the complexities of Basel II. Through the use of advanced technologies and standard methodologies Ermas helps companies quickly implement risk solutions to better control credit, market, and operational risks. Ermas has in-depth knowledge and experience with SAS CRMS for credit risk management, SAS Risk Dimensions for market risk management, and SAS OpRisk for operational risk management. To date, we have led and supported worldwide Basel II projects using Base SAS, SAS ETL Studio, SAS Access for PeopleSoft, SAS Access for Oracle, and SAS BI. We have enabled a Fortune 500 company to deploy a risk management system that allows them to monitor their loan portfolios across 30 different countries. This system has allowed the company to reduce their overall capital requirements, turning risk into opportunity. Your area of expertise is the banking and financial industry. Our area of expertise is banking and finance technology. Together, we can turn risks into opportunities. Let Ermas Consulting help you protect your investments and meet your compliance requirements.