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Applications Software & Data Hosting Services

Our clients recognize that they can lower their costs and reduce time to production by choosing an outsourcing solution through Ermas. We have skilled expertise, an existing data center, and a proven approach in which we provide hosting services. This includes direct email marketing, campaign management, and all associated services. Ermas’ state of the art data center solution can improve operational performance, control costs, and mitigate risks associated with IT infrastructure.

Network Operations Center

To monitor and manage the entire network, individual network components, and managed services of the data center. Network personnel monitor the availability of all data and equipment, control bandwidth capacity, reroute traffic flows to optimize response times, and manage service level agreements on a customer-by-customer basis. Systems are constantly monitored and problems are proactively identified before they become an issue.


A layered security approach is used to safeguard the data center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The comprehensive physical site security includes:

  • A single point of entry into the facility for employees and clients
  • Coded key cards for entry into the data center
  • Biometric scanners
  • Surveillance cameras throughout the facility
  • Database of individuals authorized to access the facility
  • Manned security force
  • Two unique combination locks for each computer cabinet

Power Supply

An environmentally-friendly power supply system incorporates a steady stream of power from the local utility company and back-up power using a state of the art constant power supply (CPS) and diesel generators. With the CPS system, there is no need for battery operated uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units. Instead, short term backup power supply is generated from flywheel systems and then power sustained using diesel generators for long-term backup power. On-site fuel supplies can ensure power availability for days at a time and contracts with local fuel suppliers provide power indefinitely.

Climate Controls

Sophisticated control systems maintain a constant temperature that does not fluctuate more than 3°F above or below an optimal target room temperature of 68-72°F. Humidity does not exceed 55%. Also, a fire suppression system prevents extensive fire damage and virtually eliminates the potential for collateral damage to delicate equipment.

Internet Connectivity

The network is engineered to provide redundancy throughout the entire data center, including dual Ethernet connections into the customer cabinet. All of these connections run across the completely redundant/fault tolerant infrastructure from the core routers and the ring-protected Packet Over Sonet (POS) fiber network, to the multiple, geographically diverse
peering points.