Ermas Consulting Inc. : Exceeding Expectations

Enterprise Intelligence and Integration Consulting

Capture data. Access it. Understand it. Enterprise intelligence and integration give you the power and efficiency to consolidate data, spot trends, increase revenue and reduce vulnerability. Most importantly, it boosts your bottom line.

Ermas’ consultants are experts in business intelligence and integration solutions. We have provided consulting services to customers worldwide since 1990, and we partner with key software providers like SAS and Microsoft to bring the most effective solutions to new customers every day.

We are expert consultants dedicated to advanced technology, focused on quality and efficiency, and in the business of exceeding expectations. That’s our bottom line.

Databases and Data Warehousing

Ermas consultants are specialists in DB2, Teradata, Oracle and SQL Server. We have supported revenue management projects including the sourcing and development of pipeline data using SAS, SAS Access for Teradata and DB2.

Ermas also helps companies transform enterprise data from operational sources and organize it as information in a data warehouse for quick access and useful analysis.

Most Requested Solutions

Hosting Services for Application Software and Data

Our clients recognize that they can lower their costs and reduce time to production by choosing an outsourcing solution through Ermas. We have skilled expertise, an existing data center, and a proven approach in which we provide hosting services. more ...

Marketing Automation and Campaign Management

Today's marketer needs the tools and technology to effectively optimize marketing investment in an increasingly complex environment. Multi-channel communications, consistent customer messaging, and compressed cycle times are just a few of the challenges faced by today's marketer. more...

Analytics and Risk Management

Analytics is the science of reasoning — of gaining insight and understanding from large, complex and disparate data. Ermas can help your organization implement solutions to transform this raw data into vital enterprise intelligence for tracking business activities and identifying business trends. more...