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Our Approach to Integration Consulting

The Foundation for SuccessThe Foundation For Success

Enterprise intelligence is the ability to spot trends, increase revenue, and reduce vulnerability. To achieve enterprise intelligence, data warehousing and analytics solutions play a key role in allowing companies to store data, locate it, access it for querying and reporting, and then analyze it to identify trends and opportunities.  Marketing automation and risk management solutions enable clients to take advantage of those opportunities.

Enterprise intelligence can make critical improvements to your bottom line, and Ermas consultants are experienced in implementing and integrating systems that give our clients conclusive, detailed, and consistent information quickly.

Data WarehousingData Warehousing

Data warehouses are specifically structured to bring data together from databases enterprise-wide in a precise and consistent manner for querying and reporting. This means more accurate, consistent, and conclusive results.


With databases and data warehouses setting the groundwork for quality information, leading companies are turning to solutions in Analytics to help them understand the information, recognize trends, reduce risks, and react instantly.

Risk ManagementRisk Management

With effective analytics and risk management solutions, companies have the power to determine, measure and track risks, meet regulatory compliance, identify changing conditions, redirect strategies, or avoid problems altogether. Effective risk management increases profitability.

Marketing AutomationMarketing Automation

Today’s marketers need technology that is efficient and effective at every stage of the marketing process – from setting strategy to targeting opportunities, implementing campaign initiatives and measuring results. This technology can effectively optimize marketing investment.