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Analytics and Risk Management

Gain Insight

Gain InsightAnalytics is the science of reasoning — of gaining insight and understanding from large, complex and disparate data. With databases and data warehouses setting the groundwork for quality information, leading companies are turning to solutions in Analytics to help them understand the information, recognize trends, reduce risks, and react instantly. Ermas can help your organization implement these solutions to transform raw data into vital enterprise intelligence.

Manage Your RisksManage Your Risks

The risk management discipline has become more technology intensive in order to manage the complexities of Basel II. Through the use of advanced technologies and standard methodologies Ermas helps companies quickly implement risk solutions to better control credit, market, and operational risks. Ermas has in-depth knowledge and experience with SAS CRMS for credit risk management, SAS Risk Dimensions for market risk management, and SAS OpRisk for operational risk management.

To date, we have led and supported worldwide Basel II projects using Base SAS, SAS ETL Studio, SAS Access for PeopleSoft, SAS Access for Oracle, and SAS BI. We have enabled a Fortune 500 company to deploy a risk management system that allows them to monitor their loan portfolios across 30 different countries. This system has allowed the company to reduce their overall capital requirements, turning risk into opportunity.

Your area of expertise is the banking and financial industry. Our area of expertise is banking and finance technology. Together, we can turn risks into opportunities. Let Ermas Consulting help you protect your investments and meet your compliance requirements.